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The Farmers' Pain, 2016

The main economic issue in Israel throughout the 2010s was housing, or lack of it. That is why the Israeli government formed a new planning committee to locate new areas to develop – mostly from farmers and agricultural towns. ARCI – the Association of Regional Councils in Israel - was a regular client of the firm, and we delivered their messages daily, but this development called for special attention.

Focusing on a major conference organised by the government to promote the new plan, we decided to use the floor and present the people afflicted by the new committee instead of its effect in numbers. I wrote and produced a short documentary, which we then aired using our floor time on the main stage. The documentary set a different tone for the entire discussion that followed and served as a starting point for a well-prepared campaign featuring ads, news stories focusing on the farmers and their communities, and academic research highlighting the damage the new plan could cause to rural Israel.

Eventually, though the new committee was formed, our campaign led to restrictions set on its powers and scope of work: the final decision was to create the committee only for a limited time, and it was forced to allow an ARCI representative to participate in all its gatherings.

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