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Welcome to Nevatim International Airport, 2018

With the Israeli government approaching a vital decision on the location of Israel's second major international airport, two options remained on the table: one at the northern part of the country, the other – at its southern part, near a place called Nevatim, in the Negev Desert. The northern option was generally considered more likely, though its ecological impact was more significant, and it already raised a strong protest from northern mayors and residents. 

Meanwhile, southern mayors and residents strongly supported the erection of an international airport that would supply thousands of jobs and boost tourism in the entire region, and decided to launch a "pro" campaign calling for that decision.

Despite many constraints and a small budget, I devised a unique and brave PR and social media strategy: to treat the Nevatim International Airport as a project already starting to form, as if it was "right around the corner". With our studio's help, I designed a simulation of the Nevatim airport based on nothing but our imagination, which triggered the press interest in the southern option and helped present it as more viable. I then wrote and produced ads presenting 'the future' and an International airport's positive impact on the southern part of Israel, culminating in a "welcome" video supposedly created for the visitors of the "new" airport.

The campaign and its products managed to raise public and press, placing pressure on members of Parliament to adopt the Southern option. Though the final decision is yet to be made, the current Israeli Minister of Transportation publicly supported the Southern option.

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